Nexus2050 - The International Tech Pulse announces first 80 speakers

Nexus2050, the new annual tech event taking place on 26-27 June at Luxexpo in Luxembourg City, has announced its first 80 speakers, with an additional 120 to be revealed over the coming month.

With an official opening by HRH Crown Prince Guillaume and EU Commissioner for Innovation and Research Iliana Ivanova, Nexus2050 brings together thought leaders from Google, Nvidia, Obama Foundation, N26, Poolside, Mangrove Capital and more to dicuss their innovative ideas on artificial intelligence, sustainability, cybersecurity, financial technology, as well as talent attraction and development.

What is Nexus2050?

Nexus2050 is an international hub for stakeholders combining ecological and digital transitions, aiming to leverage technology for the benefit of governments, organisations and businesses to achieve their net-zero strategies by 2050. It's about using technology to advance human progress, considering productivity gains while addressing pressing ethical issues.

Nexus2050 is a boutique-style gathering, crafted to ignite inspiration while preserving an intimate, human-scale atmosphere. Over two days, Nexus2050 will take place at Luxexpo The Box, featuring an exhibition zone, symposium, international matchmaking zone, numerous cocktails and a seated dinner.

The event brings together:

- 5,000+ attendees

- 1,200+ guests at the closing seated dinner

- 200+ speakers at the symposium

- 100+ exhibitors in the exhbition zone

- 200+ startups (The Hive) from across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, each of which will do a three-minute pitch in the Startup Arena

Plus the “GO International Matchmaking Zone”, operated by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade as well as the Luxembourg Trade and Investment Offices (matchmaking works trough a dedicated app)

Get the full schedule here.

What makes this event unique?

Nexus2050 is the opportunity to forge genuine connections across three districts (Finance, Puretech, SkillSphere), each of which has its own unique set of partners.

Visitors can seamlessly jump in and out of panel discussions and talks across various stages, as they will be streamed in silent-disco mode. For this reason, visitors are asked to bring their own devices and headphones and to use the Nexus2050 app to listen to the talks.

The 200 startups exhibiting over two days will have the chance to exhibit on one day and circulate to network the other day. This means that visitors will be in touch with 100 new startups each day of the event.

A bonus day on 28 June will be dedicated to follow-up meetings, plus the organisation of bus tours for students to visit prominent companies, thanks to Foyer and SES sponsoring student tickets

Who are the key partners?

Premiere institutional partners of the event include the European Commission, the Government of Luxembourg, the City of Luxembourg, Luxinnovation, as well as the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

“Nexus2050, as Luxembourg’s International Tech Pulse Fair, matches well with the European Commission’s priorities,” says Anne Calteux, Head of Representation, European Commission in Luxembourg, adding: “Whether it regards achieving climate neutrality by 2050, harnessing the Digital Decade or empowering the Single Market to deliver a sustainable future and prosperity for all EU citizens, these topics remain very important because the Commission stands for a competitive, resilient and sustainable Europe.”

Additional partners also include key players in the financial sector, as well as industry, technology and sustainability (full list here).

With formal negotiations over Ukraine joining the European Union set to start as early as June, Nexus2050 has also partnered with the Luxembourg-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce, with Ukraine to be the guest country for this flagship event. This partnership includes three roundtable discussions, keynotes, and a selection of 20 Ukrainian startups with a focus on cyberdefence, fintech, space and telecom. Several members from the government of Ukraine will take part in the debate.

Why will 5,000+ attendees gather in Luxembourg?

With around 75% of its workforce made of foreigners from 170 countries, Luxembourg offers a uniquely multicultural, multilingual environment with a business-friendly, open and stable economy. Home to several EU institutions and the second largest funds industry in the world, it also serves as a leading international platform for sustainable finance and fintech.

Luxembourg continues to heavily invest in world-class ICT infrastructure. Case in point: for €30 million, the State supported the emergence of LuxProvide, at the helm of the Luxembourg supercomputer, Meluxina—one of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe—via LuxConnect. There are numerous other examples of initiatives that actively foster innovation, with many structures in place to finance and support R&D activities.

Nexus2050 serves as a perfect opportunity to learn more about Luxembourg’s tech and innovation ecosystem, where a number of public and private initiatives will be on showcase, and visitors can easily access the country’s key players.

Who are the organisers?

The Nexus2050 economic interest group was initiated by The Dots and Maison Moderne.

The Dots is a tech-focused marketing agency founded in 2021 by entrepreneur Kamel Amroune. After spending over 14 years at the Farvest agency, where he co-created ICT Spring, served as Managing Director of IT One, and later became an associate and CEO of Farvest, the majority shareholder decided to acquire Kamel Amroune’s shares in 2021. The Dots organises various tech events in Luxembourg, including the TNT Symposium, which brings together a thousand tech decision-makers from Luxembourg, the Tech Supreme Court and TN’Teens, an event dedicated to tech education. The Dots also publishes and a biannual magazine of the same brand.

Maison Moderne is a media company founded in 1993 by entrepreneur Mike Koedinger, with activities that nourish an ecosystem for economic and financial circles. As a publishing house with Paperjam and Delano, a Business Club and an officially accredited training center, as well as a specialised content marketing agency and advertising agency. Through its Business Club, Maison Moderne has become the primary event producer for the business community in Luxembourg, notably by organising events such as Paperjam Top 100, The 2023 Finance Awards and monthly 10x6 conferences. Paperjam and Delano publish the Tech 100 lists in Luxembourg.

I’m in! Where do I sign up?

Tickets may be purchased online via Nexus2050 Tickets or by emailing

Startups can reserve their booths here: Elevate Your Startup at Nexus2050.

Students can also apply here for a sponsored ticket, offered by Foyer and SES.