Luxembourg Businesses Benefit from Nexus2050: A Comprehensive Event Package

Nexus2050 offers Luxembourg businesses a complete package, including symposium access, exhibition entry, and exclusive networking events, for an unparalleled tech and business experience.

"We have developed a formula that allows Luxembourg businesses to make the most of Nexus2050," announces Mike Koedinger, co-founder of G.I.E. Nexus2050. "It is a package that includes a table for eight people at the grand closing dinner with 1,200 guests, as well as eight entries valid for both days with access to the symposium, all presentations, the exhibition area, and the matchmaking zone, as well as the numerous cocktails and social events, including the grand opening with the presence of H.R.H. the Crown Prince."

 "Nexus2050 is not only the largest tech event in the Greater Region, but it is also one of the few truly international business events in Luxembourg," adds Kamel Amroune, co-founder of G.I.E. Nexus2050. "Having a table at the Nexus2050 dinner allows you to bring together employees and clients for a unique networking evening within a dinner imagined by the excellent caterer Julien Cliquet."

This package, for eight, is offered at €3,950, while a single place (1 person) is offered at €600 (or €390 for startups). Good to know: the symposium entry ticket costs €500 during May and will increase to €700 in June.

Practical information:

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Program: Nexus2050 Program 2024

1: Closing Seated Dinner, 1.200 guests, 150 tables

2: Main Stage, 800 Seats

3: Finance Village, 23 exhibitors + start-ups + stage

4: PureTech Village, 22 exhibitors + start-ups + stage

5: Skillsphere Village, 19 exhibitors + start-ups + stage

6: GO International Matchmaking Zone, Operated by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade as well as the Luxembourg Trade and Investment Offices. 

7: The Hive, 200 start-ups