Interview with Patrick Stäuble, Founder and CEO from Teylor

Patrick Stäuble is the founder and CEO of Teylor, one of Europe’s leading lending fintechs. Teylor has built the Teylor Lending Platform, which it licences to other financial institutions and which it uses to lend directly to small businesses. Patrick has graciously agreed to answer our interview questions. Read more about Patrick here, and don't miss his Fireside Chat: Europe's fastest growing SME lending platform Teylor and its footprint in Luxembourg on June 26th at 15:15 PM on the Finance District Stage.

What has, so far in 2024, been the biggest surprise to you in technology?

I sometimes feel surprised by the conversations around AI. We get so excited about what could be possible ten years from now, but we don’t talk enough about what’s already possible today. I guess the reason is that most AI applications today are more hidden, although they have a huge positive impact on productivity. For example, we use AI to improve credit underwriting and automate data processing. That might not be “sexy” enough to appear on the front pages, but it certainly changes how financial institutions do lending, not in ten years, but already today. 

What do you expect will be announced in 2024, and by whom?

I believe the consolidation wave that started in the fintech industry last year will continue throughout 2024. We will see more takeovers, and some firms will go out of business. We just acquired creditshelf, our largest competitor in Germany. Let’s see what else will happen this year. 

 Which five companies should we watch in 2024, and why?

Definitely the SME lending space, but also areas connected to the green transformation and sustainability, as well as AI. It’s hard to name five companies because there are so many good teams out there doing amazing things. 

 What do you know about Luxembourg?

I come here regularly because our Luxembourg subsidiary manages our debt vehicles. I like the wine here, the nature, the people, and the business environment. Always great to come here.