Interview with Patrick de la Hamette, Director of Digital Inclusion asbl

Digital Inclusion asbl is an Institutional partner of Nexus2050. This inaugural edition will focus on generative AI and sustainability, as well as cybersecurity, fintech, skills, and pure tech. More than 5,000 attendees are expected, alongside over 200 experts and speakers, 200 startups from around the globe, and 100 exhibitors. It will span two days, feature 5 stages, and cover more than 12,000 square meters.

What inspired your organization to join Nexus2050 for its first edition?

Our organization collaborates with IT and other companies, providing them with a platform to create social impact by repurposing their decommissioned laptops and smartphones. Joining Nexus2050 offers us a unique opportunity to expand these efforts and amplify our impact.

Which topics at Nexus2050 are of particular interest to you? And why?

We are particularly interested in topics related to digital citizenship, as they directly affect the daily lives of citizens. Additionally, networking with potential laptop donors is a key focus for us, as it helps us further our mission of digital inclusion.

What criteria will you use to gauge the success of Nexus2050?

We will measure the success of Nexus2050 by the number of new collaborations we form and the amount of laptop donations we secure. Our ultimate goal is to equip more people in poverty in Luxembourg with the necessary digital tools, and success will be determined by how many additional individuals we can support through new partnerships.