Interview with Nancy Thomas, Director of IMS Luxembourg

IMS Luxembourg is an Institutional partner of Nexus2050. This inaugural edition will focus on generative AI and sustainability, as well as cybersecurity, fintech, skills, and pure tech. More than 5,000 attendees are expected, alongside over 200 experts and speakers, 200 startups from around the globe, and 100 exhibitors. It will span two days, feature 5 stages, and cover more than 12,000 square meters.

What inspired your organization to join Nexus2050 for its first edition?

Sustainability and CSR: Sustainability and CSR are at the heart of IMS's activities, and our name is Inspiring More Sustainability. We are delighted to partner with this first edition of Nexus 2050 to bring our expertise in sustainable development to digital-related themes.

Focus on businesses: Our network currently includes 233 member companies. Businesses are a significant lever for sustainable and inclusive societal transformation. All digital innovations impact how we work, collaborate, attract new talent, innovate, etc., and can be valuable assets when used wisely and in support of a sustainable vision.

Digital and transition: Many links between digital and sustainable transition can be made. IMS has been working for many years on these topics, mainly highlighting more responsible practices, whether about information overload and well-being at work, sustainable digital practices, lifecycle and circularity issues, or partnerships between companies and actors in the social and solidarity economy within digital projects.

The importance of youth: 80% of the jobs hiring in 2030 do not exist yet. Faced with skill obsolescence and the need to remain competitive, companies will need young people with the required skills more than ever. That's why companies must forge ties and strengthen partnerships with the education sector to improve youth employability and inclusion and ultimately foster innovation.

Diversity and inclusion: IMS, as the national carrier of the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg, encourages companies to commit to promoting and managing diversity through concrète actions beyond legal obligations. As the IT and digital world are still predominantly male environments, numerous opportunities exist for awareness and action.

Importance of matchmakinq: In line with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 17: Partnerships for the Goals and given the current complexity of social and environmental challenges, it is urgent to develop new partnership models between actors of the general interest (municipalities, NGOs, associations, etc.) and companies. These partnerships mobilise staff, foster innovation, and energise the local job market and entrepreneurship. The notion of partnership implies an equal relationship between several organisations aimed at achieving common goals by leveraging the complementarity of their skills and approaches.

Which topics at Nexus2050 are of particular interest to you? And why?

Digital and sustainable transition, artificial intelligence in the service of the common good, and innovation are the themes to which we will pay particular attention during Nexus2050. These are subjects we have been working on for many years, and partnering with an event that brings together many organisations will certainly be a source of inspiration and motivation for all attendees.

What criteria will you use to gauge the success of Nexus2050?

To gauge the success of Nexus2050, we will consider the following criteria:

Participation Metrics: We will assess the success of the event based on the number of attendees, organizations, and countries represented. A higher turnout indicates a broader reach and engagement within the global tech community.

Partnership Formation: Another measure of success will be the number of partnerships established during the event. Collaborations forged between attendees, organizations, and stakeholders demonstrate the event's effectiveness in fostering meaningful connections and driving innovation.

Relevance of Topics: The success of Nexus2050 will also be determined by the relevance and coverage of topics discussed, particularly those focused on shaping the future, such as AI and sustainable digital solutions. A diverse range of cutting-edge topics ensures that attendees gain valuable insights into emerging trends and technologies.

Speaker Quality and Diversity: We will evaluate the success of the event based on the caliber and diversity of speakers. A lineup featuring renowned experts from various backgrounds and perspectives enriches the attendee experience and fosters a dynamic exchange of ideas.

Environmental and Inclusive Logistics: Lastly, we will assess the success of Nexus2050 based on the environmental sustainability and inclusivity of its logistical organization. Implementing eco-friendly practices and ensuring accessibility for all attendees reflects our commitment to responsible event management and creating an inclusive environment for all participants.