Interview with Anne Calteux, Head of Representation, European Commission in Luxembourg

The European Commission is a Premier Institutional Partner of Nexus2050. This inaugural edition will focus on generative AI and sustainability, as well as cybersecurity, fintech, skills, and pure tech. More than 5,000 attendees are expected, alongside over 200 experts and speakers, 200 startups from around the globe, and 100 exhibitors. It will span two days, feature 5 stages, and cover more than 12,000 square meters.

What inspired your organization to join Nexus2050 for its first edition?

Nexus2050, as Luxembourg’s International Tech Pulse Fair, matches well with the European Commission’s priorities, including a Europe fit for the digital age as well as an innovative and clean economy that works for people. It became instantly clear to me that Nexus2050 would not be a monothematic exhibition with rows of stands, but a multi-sector event (finance, technology, skills) where the public, including many start-ups and youth, will engage, learn and network. In such a crucial year for the future of Europe, I am sure that the Commission’s presence at Nexus2050 will contribute to fostering interesting synergies and enriching interactions. Ultimately, we all want the Single Market to continue being a powerful catalyst for growth and prosperity based on a level playing field. 

Which topics at Nexus2050 are of particular interest to you? And why?

Whether it regards achieving climate neutrality by 2050, harnessing the Digital Decade or empowering the Single Market to deliver a sustainable future and prosperity for all EU citizens, these topics remain very important because the Commission stands for a competitive, resilient and sustainable Europe. Take, for instance, the topics of cybersecurity, fintech and regulation, or access to finance, technology clusters and start-ups:  it is absolutely key for Europe and Luxembourg to be forward-looking, to lead developments and not fall behind them. The upcoming legislative term is crucial for ensuring the successful implementation of the green and digital transition. Hence, the Commission’s priorities will be equally important after the European Elections and beyond.

What criteria will you use to gauge the success of Nexus2050?

As a new ‘one-of-a-kind’ fair in Luxembourg, it is already a success. I would personally gauge the success of Nexus2050 with a high turnout of start-ups and youth and a high-level cast of expert speakers. As the Representative of the European Commission in Luxembourg, my ultimate success story will be the number of people visiting our stand and attending sessions with our European Commission speakers. Above all, I am very excited to meet the crowds at Nexus2050’s Villages and get inspired by them.