Interview with Alexandre Mars, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist at Epic - blisce/ - INFINITE - PAUSE

Alexandre Mars began his career as an entrepreneur at the age of seventeen. Over the course of years of tireless work launching and developing successful startups, he sold two of his companies to Publicis and BlackBerry. Alexandre has graciously agreed to answer our interview questions. Read more about Alexandre here, and don't miss his Fireside Chat: Hacking Systems for Good on June 27th at 15:50 PM on the Main Stage.

What has, so far in 2024, been the biggest surprise to you in technology?

I've loved making music with the new generative music models. It's really fun to imagine the creativity that these need models for text, video and music creation will enable. But perhaps most amazing was the announcement in January of a trial gene therapy that had cured deafness in several children.

What do you expect will be announced in 2024, and by whom?

We will see agentic models with memory coming to market enabling personalized ai for consumers and enterprise to be broadly commercialized.

Which five companies should we watch in 2024, and why?

Tesla will begin to pilot its robo taxi service potentially reshaping ride sharing and car ownership further
Ethereum and Bitcoin ecosystems will become more mass market given approval of ETFs
Nvidia will remain the company to beat in GPUs as microsoft, apple, etc. look to spur alternatives
Too Good To Go will expand to Asia launching new international markets
Evroc will launch the first truly sustainable sovereign cloud across Europe.