An Interview with Dr. Serge Linckels from Digital Learning Hub and 42 Luxembourg

Serge Linckels is the Managing Director of the Digital Learning Hub and 42Luxembourg. The Digital Learning Hub provides highly specialized IT training without prerequisites, while 42Luxembourg is a free and open coding school for all, part of the 42 school network. Serge has graciously agreed to answer our interview questions. Read more about Serge here, and don't miss his 10x6: Re-Skilling and Up-Skilling for today's AI world on June 27th at 13:55 PM on the Skillsphere District Stage.

What inspired your organization to join Nexus2050 for its first edition?

The Digital Learning Hub offers comprehensive IT and tech training. Joining Nexus2050 allows us to engage with local companies, understand their upskilling and reskilling needs, and adapt our offerings accordingly. This engagement is crucial for addressing the shortage of IT experts in Luxembourg. Additionally, the event provides insights into emerging technologies, helping us anticipate future training requirements and ensure our programs remain relevant and forward-thinking.

Which topics at Nexus2050 are of particular interest to you? And why?

According to the recent ADEM study on the IT labour market and needed IT skillsin Luxembourg (Les métiers de l’Informatique - Étude des tendances en matière de métiers et de compétences), we are particularly interested in companies and experts in the domains of coding, data sciences, AI, and cybersecurity. These areas have the highest demand for skilled professionals. Addressing these domains is our priority to ensure we provide relevant and accessible training for individuals looking to reskill or upskill.

What criteria will you use to gauge the success of Nexus2050?

We will gauge the success of Nexus2050 by how well we validate and extend our training offerings to meet labour market needs. Success also means supporting our students from 42 Luxembourg, the free and open coding school, in securing internships and job offers. Additionally, helping companies attract new talents will be a significant indicator of our success. Achieving these goals would make our participation at Nexus2050 highly successful.